Reprint or Reissue Tickets

You may reprint or reissue your season or individual game tickets if:

  • You have lost or misplaced tickets you requested for mail, print-at-home or mobile delivery.  If you chose “will call” for delivery, you may not request to reprint or reissue.
  • It has been at least 45 minutes since you purchased or accepted transferred tickets.
  • You do not have a balance due on your purchase.

Please note that reprinted or reissued tickets can only be sent to the email address on the account. Each time you reissue a ticket, the barcodes on previously issued tickets are no longer valid.

Sign in to your USC Ticket Office account and select “Reprint My Tickets” under the “My Tickets” menu on the right. Select an item to reissue, and the seats you wish to reissue. Select print-at-home or mobile delivery. Confirm that you wish to reissue your tickets. Then select “Go to My Account” to complete the process.